Donate your Qurbani Animal from our Virtual Bazaar (Season 3)

The Cause

The ZamZam Foundation's Virtual Qurbani Project aims to alleviate hunger and improve nutrition among vulnerable communities by facilitating virtual Qurbani from donors around the globe. In previous years, the program successfully provided meat to 951 families, significantly enhancing their health and well-being. For 2024, the initiative targets Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Gambia, and Uganda, enabling Muslims worldwide to donate and have animals prepared for distribution. So far, 8 animals in Pakistan, 15 in Bangladesh, 4 in India, 5 in Gambia, and 13 in Uganda have been distributed to deserving families.

Expected outcomes include improved nutrition, reduced hunger, and enhanced well-being for the beneficiaries. The ZamZam Foundation remains committed to addressing food insecurity and supporting vulnerable populations, building on the success of its previous efforts to create lasting positive impacts in the targeted regions.

Join us in spreading joy and nourishment this Eid ul Adha – your support makes a world of difference!

The project identifies the most vulnerable families through thorough needs assessments and collaborates with locals to ensure efficient distribution. By securing quality meat supplies and implementing a robust monitoring system, the program seeks to provide essential proteins to those in need. This effort directly benefits families while allowing donors to virtually fulfill a religious duty, and indirectly enhances overall community health and food security.